Send any kind of file with phone messengers like Whatsapp

Update: This trick doesn’t work any more on Whatsapp.

In my previous post, I discussed how to share big files over internet. Here I am talking about how to send small size files with your favourite phone messenger.

Everyone of us uses atleast one messenger to socialize with our friends, like BBM, Kakaotalk, Whatsapp etc. Some messengers like BBM already have an option to send any kind of file, other messengers usually allow you to send only media files. What if you need to send a document to your colleague, or you may want to send an app file (like .apk, .ipa, .sis,.jar etc), then you are out of luck, right? I don’t think so.

With this simple trick you can send any kind of file, be it an app, a document, a presentation, a pdf file, a zip file or any damn kind of file.

“Just change the extension of the file to .mp3 and send it. Your messenger will think it’s a music file and will allow you to send. Then the receiver can change it back to its original extension and enjoy it.”

How to actually do this?

However, this would work only if your phone allows you to change the extension, which I think is possible in almost every phone. Lets say if you need to send a file say ‘project.pdf’, rename it to ‘project.mp3’ and send it. Now tell your friend to find the downloaded file and change it back to ‘project.pdf’.

Note: I haven’t tried this on every messenger, so I can’t really guarantee you it’s working. If it’s not working in your messenger, try .wav, .avi or .mov.

If you liked the trick, please like it and share it with your friends. If you have anything to say or any questions to ask, please comment below.

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25 responses to “Send any kind of file with phone messengers like Whatsapp”

  1. sathya says :

    it doest work.tried changing the extension.My email add is Please feel free to ask me anything else,But it doesnt work at all.Im using a android gingerbread.

    • himanshumehani says :

      can you specifically tell me which type of file are you trying on?

      • Aashish pandey says :

        i want to send docx file but failed

      • Dr.Ranjit Kumar Panda says :

        I want to send any song( from my storage in android phone /computer) to my friends through Whatsapp/Messanger or post in Facebook, But when I adding the song only its path is transferred not the song. So I think there must be some technical method to transfer the song or any video created by me. I want to know the system. Thanks

      • himanshumehani says :

        Sending files through whatsapp or messengers doesn’t usually work anymore. I would suggest you to use cloud services for sharing files like Dropbox, Google Drive. You can use WeTransfer, DropSend etc without signing up.

  2. says :

    Perfect work you have done, this web site is really cool with great information.

  3. rishabh says :

    i dont think it is possible. You can send such file types but whatsapp server will compress that file like trying to change bitrate. And den d file will be screwed

  4. ksash says :

    i tried sending .torrent. doesnt work

  5. Dr.Anurag Sood. says :

    Even after renaming a document file, the result is document.docx to document.mp3.docx in my phone Samsung galaxy s2. So doesn’t derve my purpose.

  6. sumit says :

    doesnt work buddy. tried sending a power point file of just 138kb!!

  7. Md Wasim Akram says :

    Hey do U know any trick for sending big files (media files bigger than 20mbs) via Whatsapp.?
    If so could U please contact me at Thanks….:)

  8. Yash says :

    hey, thanx a lot!…:-).gud.

  9. sahil says :

    doesnt work.
    i tried sending a .docx file on whatsapp.. renamed it to every send-able format.. still no use.. it will upload and then fail.. doesn’t even reach the other end.. 😦 wish it worked..

  10. Supriya says :


    its not working in ma phone LG L7 II, i hv chane extension from .doc or .pdf to .mp3 n .mov but whatsapp cant send that file. retry option is coming. how to slove this issue.

  11. Prester John says :

    Doesn’t work on a Nokia lumia 520 anyway. If I try to send a video file over 16mg it just says it will only send the first 16. What’s the point of that and why is there a restriction??? 😞

  12. Emraan Raza says :

    this trick is not working on whatsapp becuase error showing on screen “Corruptted file or Unsuppoeted Media File”

  13. kenneth says :

    I Mon a try to send music to my fiance on the what’s up app

  14. viswam says :

    Hi, my ios is 7.1 (not updated), can I update only to ios 8 not to ios 9.

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